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I wrote a recent blog post about harnessing the power of Christmas, and realized that many people could use a boost this year. Even if Christmas is NOT your jam, even if you are not sure how you feel, you will want to check this out. I created 24 days of thought provoking prompts, with tales of the Holiday Spirit, and included Lore from around the world. I give recipes, activities, and even a fun Winter Solstice intentional journal activity with a craft. ALL can be sent to Kindle by the way...or read right here.

Lastly, there are thing you can start doing all through December to help you stay grounded and focused and really step into new energy for the New Year. It is well worth it. I also give you a brand-new meditation for Ease complete with a little surprise and many bonus things. Here's to you Holiday Bundle!

I appreciate you!


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Happy December!

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