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March News

Hi friends! I have updated the content for the Club by including a yoga for working from home class in their library as well as many other goodies.

If you were a past member and miss us, now is the perfect time to come back and check out the following things:

New yoga for working from home (available 24/7 as it's a recording)

NEW here folder: PDF to learn things, Intro to Journaling, Monthly Goals, how to plan, journal video, Goals worksheet

Evening thoughts folder: Believe in yourself before bed, evening inventory, leaves on a stream to relax for new meditators

Brought back the Thesaurus activity because it's popular!

Journal tips to review pdf

2022 goals, 2022 gratitude bonus, weekly plan for you time bonus

>> Also, want something from the old archive? Been a club member before? Just ask and it will appear in your library if you had it before!

NEW, only 15 available. Private 1:1 Classes. See the description to book yours on the main page!

Happy March!



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