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Happy December!

Hey friends! I love a new month so much I just wrote about it in the newsletter! If you missed it, grab it it over here.

NEXT up in the Club a month of cool Hygge practices. NEW things I am going to post and some cute activities as well as journal prompts. Also, I brought back the 4 Weeks to Wellness Course and if you previously bought it, I have a special code for you, so just email me that you had it and/or tell me the video or thing you loved most about it if you don't have your receipt and I will send you the get it again discount code.

The Holiday Journaling Bundle is going to give you so much JOY to pull towards you this month, so grab that here before the 11th of December! NEW practices, old traditions, and the magic of the holidays as well as a new meditation! You can send the journal to your Kindle and read it or print it out like always!

The cool thing about all the updates is you can watch the videos on your phone, laptop, or PC and you can print or send things to Kindle now which is a great bonus!

In the Club this month, expect fun and exciting things and a candle lit class soon!

Speak to you soon in the private club!


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