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The Burned Hand
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You are struggling with something that is private and very draining. That type of work needs to be handled in a private session, so that we can clear the energetic “gunk” that is coming up.

You want to make the most out of this month, whatever it is, that we might be covering because you suddenly just KNOW that it is something that you needed. You can book a root work session to actually lay out a step by step plan around your day and dive deep into how you work, what would work best for you, and how to keep you on track.

You want a specialized plan around your illness, but I am not a doctor...and you get that. You just want help around what to eat, and what supplements you can ask your doctor about. You might even want me to go through what you are eating with you and if you keep a food journal, we can work on that.

Remember, this is completely customized to your needs. 

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