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The Burned Hand
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What kind of self-care do you practice daily as an empath? Do you run the risk of wearing yourself out and feeling completely shattered at the end of the day? As you feel the emotions of those around you, do you begin to forget where you start and where they end? Does the negativity and sadness seem too much to bear at times?

Sometimes, it doesn't feel good to be ignored about a sense we know is right and true. Learning how to look after you is the key to using your skills effectively and safely without the burn-out you often get when you don't care of yourself. Learn how to take responsibility for what is going on inside you, and how to better take care of your needs.

Are you ready to…

Take back control of your power and learn to see this as a gift instead of a curse?

Learn how to breathe, connect to self in a way you didn’t realize was possible?

Be able to call about your visualization and protection tools whenever you need them?

If you said yes to any of the above, then this is for you.  Available immediately.

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